What We Do

Anthropos Games is a small, indie partnership inhabiting Austin, Texas, and serving tabletop gamers all over the world. Our goal is to design and support a handful of role-playing games – each with a unique mechanic, realistic societies and ecologies, and a progressive perspective on the human experience. We want to make games for creative, adult gamers who crave environments outside the typical European fantasy tropes and stock science-fiction genres; who look for games with smart tactics, room for a good story, and immersive worlds; and who want to be a part of a new wave of tabletop role-playing games.

We realize our audience is not made up of the average adolescent consumer. But we don’t believe we’re talking about a small, niche market either. These games are for everyone. They just aspire to be something a little more than escapist daydreaming.

Who We Are

Calvin Johns

Owner and lead designer Calvin Johns holds a PhD in Anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied alternate reality games and other large-scale forms of play. Deep down inside, he wishes JRPGs didn’t give him FOMO. Calvin lights up a mean freestyle Frisbee.



Rob Ware

Rob is a writer from Salt Lake City now working on his MFA. He is an avid cyclist, an accomplished drinker, and a newcomer to the pleasures of pipe smoking. He lives with a heart on his sleeve and a light in his eye.



Chris Heath

Artist and graphic designer Christopher Heath came to us from Oklahoma. His concepts and renderings make possible each character design and printed page. He is the only one of the threesome to actually get paid.