Ever had an imaginary friend? Ever know a kid who couldn’t live without her favorite stuffed animal? Ever own a lucky charm? Ever hear voices in your head? Ever feel like you belong to something bigger than yourself?

Our newest title is being developed quick on the heels of Early Dark, already taking priority over Centennial Gothic in development hours. The engine is light, tight, and creative, using a single roll of 3d10 for all resolutions. Around the testing table, we’ve come to think of Assemblage, I as “Akira meets the Goonies.” We even scare ourselves with the twisted stuff we come up with. The game is growing fast, almost writing itself.

Each player controls not a character but an assemblage, a cluster of psychically linked bodies that function as a single emotional being. Most of these bodies are young kids aged 14-17, and the powers they possess attract the attention of corporations and governments that work to stitch together some semblance of civilization in a world shaken by First Impact. You play this group of bonded beings, balancing the rage and the calm of each member.

Ever want peace? Ever crave power? If you could only have one of the two, which would it be?