Assemblage, I takes place around the world, your world. In the cities and towns with nothing left to do but rebuild. Those who survived First Impact were traumatized and broken. The young and the elderly fared the worst. Shattered egos of the young screamed for stability, and many of the children found solace in each other, in objects of meaning, or in ghosts from the past. To keep from cracking, those who felt the most injured, the most fragmented, came together. And for the lucky ones, two halves made a whole. For the unlucky ones, there was nothing they could do but give in to despair.

The game takes place in your hometown. Maybe in your own backyard. We give you all the tools you need to turn your town into an impact site. Of course you can play in a larger city nearby or a fictional metropolis of your own creation, but with Assemblage, I we set out to raise the stakes and bring the conflict a little closer to home.

Take stock of your local scenery. What parks would make the best battlegrounds? Could the food court in your shopping mall handle a group of teenagers battling a giant brute straight from the pages of your favorite manga? What house on your street would make the best zombie survival bunker? If a psychic monster attacked your high school, where would the final showdown occur?