Our second title, Centennial Gothic, is set in 1876 on the North American continent. The United States of America, however, no longer exists. Instead, a collection of nations vie for control of the new world, including a new Japanese colony, greedy European players, the Republic of Texas, and coalitions of native populations. Centennial Gothic mixes 19th century Western, Eastern, and Victorian worlds to create a place brimming with showdowns at high noon, passion-dead vampires, the alchemy of mad scientists, clockwork automatons powered by coal and magick, and lawless hills of gold and gambling.

The game runs without dice, using ordinary playing cards and poker chips to create characters and settle all challenges. Play with or without a game master.


Centennial Gothic is in early stages of development. We have an in-house quickstart we use to test out the basic mechanics and share the world of the game with friends and players at conventions, but things are still open and up in the air. We are avoiding the typical ‘steampunk’ setting and including more elements of horror, coal, clockwork, soot, and filth. One of the sample characters is a ‘Tesla Punk,’ a mad scientist equipped with electrical gear and occult magicks.

Fool around with the quickstart and sample characters and let us know what you think on our Facebook forums.

Lots of changes are sure to come as we tighten up the system and include new features, but the basics are there. We’ll be running a contest for actual-play videos from the site this winter. It gets pretty raucous when a four-way battle turns lethal.