We ran a busy booth this last weekend, May 12-14, up in Round Rock. With special visits from Christopher Heath, Fantaji cover artist, on Friday evening and Dave Larson, art director on an upcoming supplement, sticking around all day Saturday and Sunday.

Unveiling our newest convention configuration, we filled shelves with our custom dice, volume one of our What’s Your Fantaji? genre deck, the new hero archetype pregens, and all the familiar products you’ve come to love. However, the most exciting new release of the convention was our complete deck of anime heroes, illustrated by Jade Owl, an artist we first met around the Fantaji table at A-Kon 2015.

A dark blend of “Magical Boarding School” and “Urban Fantasy,” the anime deck will no doubt be as big a success at A-Kon as it was at Chupacabra.

We got to meet so many gamers and take so many adventures!