This was our first time at ChupacabraCon, which is cool because it was also the first time ChupacabraCon happened. In on the ground floor! Austin has needed its own gaming convention, and we had a great time taking part in the first big effort. I think everyone agrees that it was a success. Anthropos Games had a booth in the exhibitor hall, sporting our new convention season decor: Black faux-leather tablecloth, new dice chalice, extra Mazaki pregens, and new Early Dark convention character sheets. We looked amazing, yes.

We had two interviews with traveling podcasts. The first was a good plug for Early Dark with FanboyTV. Check out the interview on our main page (or, HERE) and see more from FanboyTV HERE. The second was a podcast with Clay Dugger of the ConCast. We had a great chat about Early Dark and Mazaki, and cracked a few jokes. Check out the cast and tons more of Clay’s work HERE.

The spirit of the chupacabra was upon us the entire convention, and we had two late nights of gaming. We didn’t steal any livestock, but we did keep the sinister feel of the cryptozoological afoot. The first night was Mazaki with four new gamers. Jake ran the table and even had to kill Calvin’s wraith early in the combat just to keep the latter’s drunken outbursts from scaring the nextdoor tables. The second night saw six new players, and they demolished our Fire Golem with skill and theatrics. A really good group to work with, and we hope to see those folks around town in the upcoming weeks.

All said, a good convention.

ChupacabraCon Recap