While Mazaki is nearing the final stages of production, we have not forgotten all of you Early Dark players out there. And–always nice to learn–there are more of you than we thought! With so many digital sales, and with our distributor now selling all over the world, we are not always as up-to-date on who is playing as we’d like. That brings lots of opportunities but also keeps us at a remove from the majority of players. Well, we’ll do what we can to address that gap. The best place to reach us and chat about the game is on our FORUM, which admittedly has been kinda dead since we had to relaunch it last year. But, on to the news:

It seems Early Dark is on sale in over a dozen stores around the world, if the numbers we’ve been getting from the distributor and the European outlets are accurate. Small, but growing. We will definitely have hardcopies available at Gen Con later this year, even if we have to ship them ourselves! Stop by the Indie Press Revolution booth for Early Dark and other great indie games. We will be running play-testing events for the entire con as well, offering coupons and SWAG to those who come by the First Exposure hall for some cutting-edge, new stuff.

In development now is a module set in Vaankur, The Wolf of Red Spire, a tale involving several breeds of Tundra Wolves and a little mystery regarding the giants that populate a remote mountain. As always, getting a presentable product together takes longer than we initially expect, but things are looking good. Also, we are working on a full-size Bestiary and Battle Builder guide to help Scribes make the most of the combat experience. We have found that new players need help getting their heads into the mode that Early Dark thrives in: The numbers of an Encounter are more about the situation and circumstance than the “stats” of whatever monster or beast you include. Fret not, we are hoping to have both supplements launch next month.

So, keep checking in for more news on Early Dark and Mazaki.


Early Dark on the Move