The Fantaji Role-Playing System is a tabletop role-playing engine designed with three goals: To maximize creative input from players on every turn, to reward tactical play and strategic problem-solving, and to direct unique characters along personal and communal story arcs with engaging climaxes. Hefty aims? Maybe. But if that sounds good to you, then this is your game. Fantaji offers all the tools you need to play your game in your world.

  • Game masters can tell any kind of story and reproduce any kind of dynamic world, whether politically suspenseful or violently explosive.
  • Designing a monster, a puzzle, an argument, or a hidden treasure all follow the same steps. Each conflict or “Obstacle” in the scene is written on an index card and made official as soon as it’s placed on the table.
  • Players create new “Conditions” on the fly, qualitative details or unique circumstances that then become mechanical factors in the ongoing encounter.
  • Character development is based on players engaging with new and recurring “Themes” that direct meaningful action and track both the experience and personal story arc of each hero.
  • Combat strategy is heavily team-focused. Players decide in what order to take their turns, planning the best series of moves and attacks, responding to surprises and new developments together.
  • A complex encounter of several interesting Obstacles laid out on the table works wonderfully as a one-off, role-playing puzzle/board game!

Fantaji is a simple engine with a deep potential for both creativity and strategy. The moving parts come together on the tabletop to produce a vibrant and dynamic arena for players to respond to and role-play within.

The focus is still a conflict mechanic, a game. While other storytelling games get a little theatrical, Fantaji has roots in competitive play and risky conflict. We try to add the stuff of good drama, high action, creativity. But we do not take the game entirely into the realm of kabuki, theater, or simple make believe.