Hey, all! Calvin is hopping around Gen Con for the next few days, looking for sweet deals, sweet games, and sweet… you! The booths are a little too expensive for a one-book publisher so everything Anthropos related is happening on the side, in the woodworks. It would be great to meet as many of you as possible and plan some exciting pick-up games wherever we can find a table. Calvin is packing Early Dark and Centennial Gothic demos in his bag so just look for the guy in the Anthropos shirt and Toledo Mud Hens ball cap.

Also, because Early Dark shipping has to be cancelled for the week, we’re putting the game ON SALE! So, order now and you’ll wait an extra week in exchange for a lower price. That’s how life is supposed to work, right? It does here.

Grab it here!

If you have ANY Gen Con suggestions or ideas, please let us know. We’ll shake hands and roll dice with just about anyone if you get us your contact info. Well, smelly people are less fun, but, whatever. Enjoy the Con, folks!

Gen Con Excitement & Early Dark on SALE