Our Kingpink: Darkness campaign ran on Kickstarter from 2/29 thru 3/14, part of the Zinequest2 event. Towards our goal of $530, we made $1323, unlocking seven stretch goals on the way! Thank you to all our backers and to everyone who liked, commented, and shared our posts on social media during the campaign.

PDF copies of Kingpink: Darkness will be released in May with the print versions of the “zine” releasing in July. This comes in addition to our Fantaji releases, which are lined up for this spring and early summer as well.

Darkness expands on our Kingpink game, which was originally released only on PDF in September. Kingpink is a GM-less tabletop RPG for improv-friendly groups. Build your own rich, thematic game world and complete a campaign arc in 1-3 sessions. For more information, check out the Kickstarter campaign page here.

You can buy Kingpink: Daytime, the original title, from our DriveThruRPG page here.