We had a BLAST at A-Kon in Dallas this weekend! Friday was a long drive and a laborious setup, but as soon as the table was finished we got the gaming started. In the Coronado Ballroom of the Hilton Anatole, the RPG gamers congregated. We shared a huge room with folks from Wizards of the Coast, Palladium, Paizo, Privateer Press, Cracked Monocle, and Cool Mini Or Not. I believe Reaper Minis were in there as well, but I can’t say I met any of the folks. Across the hall were the card gamers and boardgame folks, but I wouldn’t know– To be completely honest, I never even saw the Dealer Hall. Nothing but 13-hour days gaming with… YOU!

We played Mazaki No Fantaji in scheduled two-hour blocks, sometimes up to ten people on two different tables. The three encounters we planned worked out well and earned us some repeat players who wanted to try out a different PC or see the other monsters.

I very quickly fell on the tagline of our convention: We are the ONLY anime tabletop game here! Mazaki was a hit. A big hit. We went through all our materials, passed out all our literature, and met way more future players than we could have hoped. At least five or six gaming groups committed to testing the game and staying in touch. Gaming was so much fun and certainly eventful: Oil golems were slain, six-legged field lions turned into familiars, PCs fought over whether it was a good idea to free the orphans for the principle of the matter or because they would be easy prey for the lion, ice demons shattered, and a possessed sword nearly seduced a new owner or two.

I lost my voice by the end of each night.

Early Dark was a big hit as well. We sold almost 10 copies of the game, despite having no demo or character sheets printed. The cover attracted eyes from across the room, and the beauty of the interior pages did the rest.

A very special thank you to Andy, Keith, Beth, Joshua, Zachary, Matthew, William, Bryan, Kenneth from Palladium, Jon from Paizo, Albert, Amanda, Chris (Apple), Cameron (Pancake), Cole, and the dozens of gamers who stopped by to try out the game and chat about the hobby. I wish we could have talked with each of you more.

Mazaki No Fantaji at A-Kon

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