We have launched our Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to print Mazaki No Fantaji late next spring. The game is rolling along well, and the design phase is concluding with careful public testing/balancing of the specific powers and abilities. The overall engine is complete, and now it’s just tweaking spells and weapons and the like. Getting out to cons and FLGSs has been the best for such things, and we look forward to another few months of adjusting and robusting!

Stop by the Kickstarter page and start putting you wallet where your wonder is! We’d love to have you on board.

Mazaki is a truly unique game, and we know that anyone who plays it will feel the system fit around them like a glove. It really adapts to whatever kind of game you want to run, and the blend of qualitative and strategic elements is a marvel of gaming loveliness. You don’t have to take our word for it. Check out the reviews at DriveThruRPG when you download your FREE Quickstart today! Start playing! Start rolling! You’ll be hooked.

Be sure to get back to DriveThruRPG to rate/review the game after you’ve taken it for a whirl. We really appreciate the opinions of everyone involved.

Mazaki No Fantaji Kickstarter Afoot! So Kick It!