So, we spent four days in Bedford, Texas, this weekend for the North Texas RPG Con, which specializes in old-school RPGs and retro clones. Most everybody was playing Oe, with a few AD&D slots and maybe one 3.5 game. Lots of great gamers to meet and chat with. We really didn’t plug Early Dark, since the atmosphere was more about celebrating the origins of the hobby than looking out for something new. Wish I woulda been a little less shy with the living legends (gamed with Zeb Cook, Tim Kask, Frank Mentzer, Sandy Petersen, and Jim Ward).

Spent the better part of Friday in a jocular game of Call of Cthulhu. No joke, one of the pregens was an Anthropology Professor. Needless to say, I felt quite at home until the moonbeasts started spawning at the antiques swap meet.

Also, found a Cthulhu-inspired Kickstarter project y’all should check out: The Shadow Out of Providence. Only 11 days left, so get on board fast! Seems like a multi-platform experience worth investing in. The people involved are top-notch and talented (and better at Call of Cthulhu than I’ll ever be!).

The project, written by Ezra Claverie and illustrated by Erol Otus and others, has a great stand-alone website HERE.

North Texas RPG Con…