We want to reach gamers in every corner of the globe. I mean, don’t you? Anthropos Games is too small to tie up inventory with huge distributors, but we have partnered with Indie Press Revolution to make our games available to retailers around the world. If you own a FLGS and want some Anthropos Games on your shelf, just contact us here or Jason over at IPR to get you set up. Despite the stereotypes of troglodytes in the dark, tabletop gaming has always been a social hobby, and we acknowledge that a stocked FLGS is the hub of any community. Establishing relationships with local gaming groups is a large part of what our company is about, and we know that means supporting the FLGSs however we can.

So, what can we offer? Anthropos Games is committed to a quality tabletop experience for everyone, and our team is confident each of our titles can become a hot item in your store. We know small businesses are struggling in the sluggish economy, and we take our retail partnerships seriously. We make it a priority to:

  • Visit local stores whenever possible for demos and launch events
  • Write our retail partners and their patrons into living campaign storylines
  • Provide exclusive brick-and-mortar giveaways and promos
  • Get people into your store regularly for community play

Give us a holler at accounts(splat)anthroposgames(dot)com to get in contact. We’ll do everything we can to get the books flowing.