So, the most common questions we hear from folks on the web or in person regard the next step of Mazaki No Fantaji. Well, the short answer is that the project of Mazaki No Fantaji is being split into two separate titles: We are adopting Fantaji as the title of the generic system that has won over so many players since its debut last June. A “zero edition” softcover book will be released at A-Kon in a couple months to get the system out into the world, and gamers can use the book to tell their own stories in any genre or setting they choose. Many of the original Kickstarter backers pointed out that their interest was more in the system than the Anime world of the Nopo Continent, and we decided to take that to heart. Let it be known that “Fantaji” now represents the system itself, a system that will support several upcoming Anthropos Games titles.

With Fantaji coming out as a stand-alone product, we think it only wise to retain the name Mazaki as the title of the first Campaign Setting for the multi-genre engine. This makes the title of the game shorter and easier to pronounce, and both products will build on the brand that we created during the last year and in our Kickstarter run. Make sense? For those of you who really dug the feeling of having your favorite anime and JRPGs on your tabletop, we will further develop the Nopo world and the three dynamic cultures that now compete for survival alongside the birth of Fight Jade technology.

The BIG NEWS: We may launch a small Kickstarter campaign in the next couple months to get the Fantaji book printed and into the world. This will not be a full, hardcover book the likes of Early Dark, but it will be well-designed and complete, with world-building tips and dozens of ways to customize the system to construct your own unique game. This will act as the first expression of the generic Fantaji Engine, as we said earlier a “zero edition” that will not be available through our distributors. It’s an in-house manual that we are opening up to gamers mainly because you have been waiting for over a year now and you deserve the full game!

Calvin recently started a conversation about the new life of the Fantaji Engine over on the Kickstarter page. Whether you backed the original campaign or just heard about us today, be sure to check out the thread happening over there to offer your input and opinions.

The Future of Mazaki & Fantaji