We will be attending a new convention here in Austin this weekend, the first annual ChupacabraCon. It looks like it will be a great con, and what we have seen so far in the online program promises enough gaming tables and planned events for one or two hundred gamers. Early Dark and Mazaki will be featured on official tables, and we’ll be shilling our wares in the vendor area as well. Anyone in Texas should come down to the airport Hilton this Friday-Sunday for what looks to be a grand maiden voyage of ChupacabraCon!


chupa 1


Also, coming up March 1-2, we will be at the STAPLE! Indie Media Expo also here in Austin. We have gone as attendees quite a few times, but this marks Anthropos Games’ first venture into hosting a table. Stop by, pick up exclusive goodies, and check out all the independent artists from around Texas and the United States.



Upcoming Conventions in Early 2014