We had an excellent time at the STAPLE! Independent Media Expo in dear-sweet Austin, TX, last weekend. Expectations were low, honestly. With most of the exhibitors offering high-quality art prints, indie comics, and other flashy wares; we were a little unsure how a tabletop role-playing game would fit in. We had nothing to fear. Early Dark was a huge hit. Setup took a little under an hour on Saturday morning, and the eight-hour day went by fast. Sunday was a little slower, but the expo featured a panel discussion on independent game design so plenty of gamers were there. Great times.

While Calvin had to spend every minute of the expo behind the booth, we got to meet a few artists. Right nextdoor to the Anthropos Games table was a stunning illustrator, Kevin T. Chin. Kevin was fun to talk to and ran a very professional booth. His work is awesome, and if we don’t have several of his pieces in the Assemblage, I project, it will be our loss.

The CCP Comics people were great and will hopefully be helping us out with some bold vertical banners to spice up our convention decor.

From across the room, Calvin spied a strangely familiar face: “Wait a minute, is that the guy I debated time travel fiction with for two hours at Violet Crown?” It was. Who was this familiar man? None other than Austin Tinius, co-author of Doctor Muscles, a fantastic comic by Bogus Books. Austin provided some much-needed contraband Budweiser and even rallied some of the out-of-town exhibitors to show up for an after-party.

Finally, we noticed a great booth tucked in the middle of the hall sporting the artwork of Jessica Madorran. We haven’t yet, but we plan on approaching her for a HUGE project coming up in the near future. Shhh. It’s a secret.

Good people.

MILESTONE: Sold a few copies of Early Dark to Rogues Gallery, which makes that lucky comics+gaming store the first in Austin to have Early Dark on the shelf! Emerald Tavern will be next, but for anyone up in Round Rock looking to pick up a copy today, stop in and let the folks at Rogues Gallery know that Early Dark won’t stay on the shelf for long!

We Saw You at STAPLE! Indie Media Expo