Our maiden title, Early Dark is a low-fantasy role-playing game full of gritty humans and ancient beasts, inspired by world myth and history. The game uses an original d10 engine.

Early Dark is our favorite low-fantasy role-playing game. We gave it a helping of old-school crunch with a large portion of new-school creative freedom. It wakes us up in the morning and keeps us gaming all day. Why another fantasy RPG? Well, we’ve been playing with it for years and felt like making an honest game out of it.


Our newest title, Fantaji Universal Role-Playing Game, is a feisty tabletop experience designed around your favorite anime and Japanese RPG video game series. The engine is light but surprisingly deep.

Fantaji has a qualitative system that allows for personal expression and creative role-playing, sure, but it includes mechanical strategy unseen in any other qualitative system. The setting is a wild, rich world centered on three disparate cultures vying over control of “Flight Jade,” a caustic substance at once natural, magical, and technological.


Centennial Gothic, a working title, is a mash-up of Wild West, Edo Samurai, and Victorian horror genres in a much lighter system. It uses ordinary playing cards and poker chips in a unique mechanic providing rowdy game play with or without a game master.

We’ve taken Centennial Gothic to a couple smaller conventions to try out the chip ‘n’ card mechanic and the speed of the gameplay. It got pretty rowdy at Protospiel South when our vampire hunter (Simon Van Helmont) had a tricky encounter with a Tesla Punk and a werewolf deep inside the catacombs of San Antonio: A lone hero venturing through chambers filled with undead minions looking for his prey.